Our Project


Strategya was created in 2000. Developed as part of a tax consulting firm, the project was granted its own legal autonomy in 2014 with the identification of its own structure and consulting network, specialized in and adapted to the growing demands of business planning and control . Specializing in the development of business plans, financial plans and management consulting, Strategya is a point of reference for quality and substance in support of the activities of planning and control of Italian SMEs.


supports a business in defining:

Where and how
Where the company and its business want to get and how to get there.
Its strategic, economic, financial and qualitative objectives.
How much
Verification of the gain or loss in every area or product of the company.
Which drivers, such as incentives and leverage, are performance indicators of its success.
A system of monitoring and verification of performance and results.
A detailed overview of the processes and relative synergies of the business.


is your partner of reference for planning and managing your business in a context of constant market evolution:

during the start-up phase
during Consolidation and the development your business
during Change of business strategies
during Turnaround

Projects aimed

at achieving goals

The consulting given by Strategya is normally carried out in a specific project that sets goals to be reached, within a scheduled timeframe, with the least expenditure of resources. The project is developed through a specific work plan, with the relevant expertise (team) and adapted to the business context in which it is to be implemented.

Our goals
Our goal:

realization of a tangible added value to the client.

Strategya’s consulting aims to simplify and support changes (and decisions) and reduce uncertainties.


A concrete way of supporting the business of Italian SMEs. Strategy, planning and control as a means of governance mindful of businesses.

Goals with respect to the client:

Define and achieve the planned objectives.
Simplify and support the decisions of the entrepreneur.
Simplify and support changes.
Plan strategies and reduce uncertainties.
Give substance to business ideas.
Provide companies with valuable tools for growth and control.

Internal goals:

Growth and continuous improvement.
Each project must be a success for the client and for the team.
Respect for deadlines and the expected results.
Transparency and specialization geared for maximum effectiveness.
Affirmation of Strategya on the market as a reliable and solid partner.

Our values

is based on consolidated values, which every collaborator feels as his or her own.

projects and consulting.
Each project must meet the goals shared with the client.

Specialization and experience
in the skills necessary to carry out each project.
Consulting is provided in a team with qualified skills targeted to support each specific technical aspect of the project in order to maximize results.

competence, reliability, confidentiality, pro-activity, attention and dedication are
the main characteristics of each consultant.

Finding value
for the client.
Each project has the general objective of creating added value for the client.